Ryson’s frozen food steamer “Dim Sum Lanman DX KDSC-003B”


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Introducing Ryson’s Dim Sum Ranman DX KDSC-003B, a convenient kitchen appliance that allows you to easily and deliciously prepare frozen foods. In this article, we will explain in detail its features, usage, and benefits.


Multifunctionality: This steamer steamer is suitable for cooking not only dim sum and dumplings, but also any frozen food. You can enjoy a variety of menus.

Easy to use: Comes with a user-friendly control panel, making it easy for anyone to use. Use the timer function to set the cooking time, and once set, cooking will end automatically.

Even cooking: High-quality steaming net and lid design ensure food is evenly steamed. Maximizes the flavor and nutritional value of ingredients.

Energy-saving design: Enables efficient energy use and minimizes power consumption. The design is easy on the household budget.

How to use:

Choose frozen foods. Choose from dumplings, shumai, spring rolls, or your favorite dim sum.

Place the ingredients in the bamboo steamer. Set the steaming time as necessary.

When you press the start button, cooking will begin automatically. When the timer ends, it will automatically power off.

Delicious dim sum and frozen foods are ready! Enjoy with your favorite sauce and seasonings.


Time-saving cooking: Ryson’s Dim Sum Ranman DX KDSC-003B allows you to easily prepare frozen foods and is perfect for your busy daily life.

Delicious results: Even steam heating ensures that the flavor of the ingredients is not compromised, resulting in delicious dishes.

Energy saving: Eco-friendly design minimizes power consumption and protects the environment.

Versatile Menu: You can prepare a variety of frozen foods, bringing variety to your table.

Ryson’s “Dim Sum Ranman DX KDSC-003B” boasts excellent performance as a home steamer and is an ideal choice for enjoying frozen foods easily and deliciously. Please use it when you are at home or at parties.

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