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Punishing: Gray Raven is an Action RPG game developed by NetEase Games and released for iOS and Android platforms. Beautiful 3D graphics, powerful battles, and charming characters will captivate players. This time, we will deliver an article focusing on the characters “Punishing: Gray Raven”, “Panigre”, and “Luna”.


Panigre is one of the playable characters in Punishing: Gray Raven and has very unique abilities. She uses firearms as her primary weapon, and her gunnery skills are highly regarded by her peers. She also has a cool and calm personality, and contrary to her ruthless appearance, she is deeply caring towards her friends.


Luna is also one of the playable characters in Punishing: Gray Raven and has high firepower in combat. She wields a great sword and mows down her enemies with powerful attack skills. Luna plays an important role in her story, and is also a character who grows as she comes into contact with her own past and beliefs.

Punishing: Gray Raven features attractive characters and thrilling battles, and following their stories is part of the fun of the game. Moreover, the game constantly provides players with new experiences through regular updates and the addition of new content.

The characters in Punishing: Gray Raven have fascinating personalities and stories for gamers, and accompanying them on their adventures is full of fun and excitement.

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