Panasonic Rice Cooker 2 Cups IH Wash-Free Rice Fully Automatic Smartphone Link Remote Control White SR-AX1-W Convenient Functions


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In recent years, home appliances have become increasingly smart and equipped with convenient functions, and Panasonic’s rice cooker “SR-AX1-W” is one example. In this article, we will introduce in detail the features and convenient functions of the SR-AX1-W, a 2-cup IH rice cooker.

Evolution of IH rice cooker
“SR-AX1-W” uses IH (induction heater) technology, which enables faster and more uniform heating compared to conventional electric rice cookers. This allows the rice to cook deliciously and brings out the deliciousness of the rice. Furthermore, IH rice cookers are energy efficient and help save on electricity bills.

You can cook an appropriate amount of rice with 2 cups.
“SR-AX1-W” has a capacity of 2 cups. 2 cups is approximately 300g of rice, which is perfect for cooking rice for one person. It is convenient for singles and couples to cook the appropriate amount of rice. Also, its small size means it won’t take up much space in your kitchen.

Wash-free rice, no hassle
“SR-AX1-W” is also compatible with wash-free rice. Wash-free rice can be cooked as is without washing, which shortens cooking time and saves effort. You can easily cook rice on busy mornings or when you get home.

Smartphone cooperation and remote cooking
This rice cooker can be linked with your smartphone, and you can start cooking rice remotely using a dedicated app. Cook some rice before you go out and have fluffy, cooked rice waiting for you when you get home. Even in your busy daily life, you can prepare meals smoothly.

Panasonic’s rice cooker “SR-AX1-W” is a product that combines the high performance and smart functions of an IH rice cooker. Features such as the appropriate amount for cooking 2 cups, compatibility with wash-free rice, and smartphone connectivity provide a convenient option that fits the busy modern lifestyle. Please consider the SR-AX1-W to easily enjoy delicious meals.

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