Summer essentials: Doshisha Electric Fluffy Snow Shaved Ice Maker Premium, popular in Japan


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When summer comes, cold sweets are a must. Among them, shaved ice made by shaving ice is loved by a wide range of generations, from children to adults. Therefore, this time we will introduce “Doshisha Electric Fluffy Snow Shaved Ice Maker Premium”. A convenient shaved ice maker for home use that allows you to easily enjoy cold desserts that are perfect for hot summer days.

Electric and easy operation: This ice shaver is electric, so it is very easy to shave ice. It requires less effort than a manual shaved ice maker, and anyone can easily make delicious shaved ice.

Fluffy and melting texture: Doshisha’s shaved ice maker can shave ice into small pieces, so you can enjoy shaved ice with a fluffy and melting texture. Since the ice particles are uniform, it goes well with syrup.

PREMIUM DESIGN: This shaved ice maker features a simple and sophisticated design. It makes a beautiful statement even when placed on the kitchen counter or party table.

Ease of use and safety: Doshisha is also safe, especially when used by children. It is easy to handle and comes with an instruction manual, so you can use it with confidence.

Compatible with various syrups: This shaved ice maker is compatible with various toppings such as syrup, fruit, juice, ice cream, condensed milk, etc., so you can customize your own shaved ice.

How to use
Fill the top feed with ice.
Turn on the power and press the button to shave the ice.
Add syrup and toppings to shaved ice to create your desired flavor.
Host a fun shaved ice party with your family and friends on a hot summer day. Doshisha’s Electric Fluffy Snow Shaved Ice Maker Premium provides high-quality shaved ice with easy operation, making summer fun even more exciting.

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